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Healthy relationships: reducing parental conflict

Happy home, happy adults, happy children

All relationships are a 'work in progress' as there will always be things that happen that will result in our relationships needing to adjust or change.

If you can maintain a positive relationship with your partner you will stand a better chance of raising happier, healthier children. Whether you're in a couple, or not together, communicating well can be a challenge with busy lives, day-to-day worries or stress all adding pressure and increasing the likelihood that conversations may turn into arguments. This can lead to resentment or issues that build up and communication breaking down.

If this is happening with you and your partner, whether you are living together or not, it is more likely that your child will become upset, anxious or angry and this may be reflected in their behaviour or attitude towards you or your partner?

By exploring the links below, you will find out more about how your relationship with your partner maybe impacting on your children and also information, advice and guidance on how to improve things or where to get further help and support.

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