Support for children aged 0-25 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


Personalisation and Participation– what does that mean?

When a young person has special educational needs and or a disability they usually need help from others to make sure that they understand the world around them, and get any help and support that they need, in order to take part in activities or education and learning.

Sometimes young people will need lots of help and support to express themselves and their views, and sometimes they will only need a little. As young people mature and get older however they will have their own ideas, wishes and dreams and these must be taken into account, even if they need lots of help to do so.

Participation means:

Having your wishes, dreams and the things you like or dislike understood by others and the people that help you.

Personalisation means:

Getting the help, information and support that you want and need in a way that you find helpful.

Person centred planning means:

Your views, hopes, wishes and feelings are placed at the centre of any planning that takes place for you.

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