Support for children aged 0-25 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Using computers

Computers and tablets are used by many people to communicate with each other, play games, find information and work on.

There are many ways that a computer or tablet can be made accessible for people who have disabilities, such as those with vision, hearing or motor skills difficulties.

Learning to use computers can help you be more informed and independent and can be great fun. On this page we have information and videos to help make using a computer or tablet easier and more enjoyable.

Making your computer accessible

There are many useful websites that are designed to help people use their computes most effectively, such as;

BBC Digital Literacy videos

The BBC have made a series of Digital Literacy videos covering these topics:

  • staying safe online
  • searching online
  • SPAM
  • social learning
  • the virtual classroom
  • presentations
  • post study

Watch BBC Digital Literacy video's here.

Where to find local computer groups/clubs

Activities can be found on the Family Information Directory. These include: