Support for children aged 0-25 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Moving from children's to adult health services

In healthcare, the word transition is used to describe the process of preparing, planning and moving from Children's (paediatric) health services to adult health services. TransitionTransitionTransition is the term used to describe the process of planning and preparation when children and young people change from one phase of education, health or social care to another. should be a gradual process that gives young people, and everyone involved in care, time to get ready to move to adult services and discuss what healthcare needs are required as an adult.

The Ready, Steady, Go Programme is one approach that may be used. This provides a framework to help to empower children and young people to be involved in the transition process from 11 years of age but transition may stat. You can find out more information by following the link below: Ready Steady Go (Professionals) - TIER Network

Getting ready to transition to adult health services

A health worker will discuss whether a young person may need care and treatment from adult health services. Discussions will usually start when a young person is between 14 and 16 years old.

Where young people are going to move into adult services, both children's and adults service health workers will work together to plan this transition.

Information on transitions from children's to adult services - Dorset County Hospital

NHS - transition to adult mental health services

Resource - a checklist to a good transition

The transition process

Part of the transition process will include a meeting, which young people and their families will be invited to, this is when children and adult health services discuss the future health care.

NHS continuing healthcare

Decision making as an adult

Parents or carers may have been really important and involved in young people’s care when they are under 18 and in the process of transition, parents may still be very involved in their care. As an adult however, young people can have responsibility for their own decisions, (subject to mental capacity) treatment, and how much information is shared about them.

Young people and their families will be supported to understand and be partners in the transition from children's to adult’s health services.

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